Sea Monsters

Time again for another weekly round-up.

Featured Image;

A delightful wander through time and the use of monsters in maps (Live Science). A short review on the new book by Chet Van Duzer’s “Sea Monsters on Medieval and Renaissance Maps”.61448_web


If you had to condense 4000 years into one chart, could you do it?

16 Facts that Buzzfeed got wrong in their ocean post.

Who would you name a storm system after?

Ever see fire retardant released from a National Guard aircraft? You have now.

Animal language is a wonderful thing.

NASA, maybe one of the best sources for GIFS around.

LiveScience’s‘s weekly science scoop, including bigfoot and earwax.



When an iceburg melts and there is nobody around, does it still make a sound… Yes a whole lot of it.

And here is what the rest of the ocean sounds like.

The loss of Vitamin C Biosynthesis? Interest anyone?

Not boasting or anything, but looks like Earth has one of the biggest volcano in our solar system. And another source here.

Want to find new articles, maybe try a different approach?




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