Old Timey Maps

This is a shortpost, about a blog [Discovery News] posting about a story [Science Daily] that links to a video [http://vimeo.com/68311221] discussing a paper [White et al. In Press].


If you have ever wondered how India, Australia and Antarctica used to form a single massive continent, most people probably haven’t, but if you have then one or all of these above links are for you. Using crazy computer technology these Australian scientists have recreated the jigsaw-like tectonic movements that might explain how East Gondwana may have broken up and helped to create the Southern Hemisphere that we recognize today. I won’t get into anymore detail because there are enough links above, but if you are interested you should check them out and definitely watch the video!

Don’t get confused with all of the science names in the above links. Here is a basic guide to help you out. Pangea was the original super continent that contained all of Earth’s continents. The name means “All Land” in Ancient Greek. It broke up into 2 smaller land masses called Laurasia (roughly our N. Hemisphere) with N. America, Europe and Northern Asia & Gondwana (roughly our S. Hemisphere) with S. America attached to Africa and Antarctica, Australia and India connected.


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