Moon Lava


Wired Space Photo of the Day is one of my favourite (and fast) daily online destinations. Not only does it follow through in providing a picture of space everyday, but pretty much every image is just amazing. For example, check out today’s post… it is a lava flow from a massive space volcano, on a moon! I mean just how awesome is that. If you mind is not already blown from the picture then there is a short accompaniment of text to help it on its way.

Io Space Lava Flow

I just wanted to drop this link in here because I highly recommend it, and you will no doubt see in pop up in here again when there is an extra superb picture. Plus I am currently in my field site in Mexico where Mount Popocatepetl has started to kick up [BBC], so I thought it was timely.

Ps. This may be a little anticlimactic for those who have seen the beginning of Star Trek Into Darkness, my apologies

[Update] The alert level has been raised on the Mexican volcano Mt. Popocatepetl [Scientific American]


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